Digital data are increasingly becoming an important asset for companies, but the companies pay so little attention.

You are probably wondering: What digital data? In oder to create your print product, we have also generated digital files, which you can now freely use. These data are the basis e.g. for a website, for a CD-ROM, for a new print product, for a poster-display, and much more. Should we perhaps create an app with your product catalog for mobile devices such as the iPhone or the iPad?

We do your homework. We archive and back up your digital assets so you have always free access to them.


We provide you printdata access via Internet. You can independently change or correct your artwork, or translate it in a foreign language. Specific knowledge is not necessary. Everything is intuitive. The workflow is the same as you know from any word processors such as Word. We provide the necessary technical environment. There is only one thing you need: a computer with internet access.

Web Design

The Internet has matured, and the technical conditions for digital media have improved significantly. Gone are the days of static web pages that are changed and updated only sporadically. Web 2.0 and social networking are the key words for a variety of new techniques and software products. They make it possible for everyone to edit any web page without any specific knowledge. We create your website based on modern CMS systems such as Joomla or Typo3. You can perform the modifications by yourself.


We encounter every day many databases but we do not recognise that at first glance. Even the text you just read is the content of a array covered by a database. Address files for personalized mailings, card systems, website content, e-mail newsletter, all this requires the use of databases. We customize these databases to meet your individual needs. You give us your requirements - we integrate these requirements into a customized database system.

3D visualizations

Complex procedures and processes can be displayed very vividly and realistically with animated 3D film sequences. However, the static representation of 3D objects allows a presentation that gives the viewer a lasting impression. We render your two-dimensional objects using innovative tools for striking illustrations. We also gladly accept your CAD data such as SolidWorks or Pro / Engineer.