Files anytime and anywhere, uploads and downloads beyond the GB limit: Bauer-Druck makes it possible. We practice cloud-computing for years now with our web-to-print-services. This is nothing new. The new thing is that we now offer our customers file-management-services regardless of dropbox, skydrive or idrive. Of course, free of charge. Your files are saved on our own server. We present a location-independent area for storing your data in a classic directory structure. Complicated FTP connections are no longer necessary. You work with your browser, no matter whether on your desktop, or on your mobile device. You are welcome to use your "personal cloud" to create texts or to manage bookmarks, addresses, calendars and to-do lists.

Latex inks?

Latex inksIn August 2012 we have changed the production of large-format printing to Latex inks. The prints are extremely scratch-, stain- and water-resistant and suitable for outdoor applications. It is no longer necessary to use solvents in inks with the new latex technology. The colors are water-based and therefore much more environmentally friendly to manufacture. Overall, the colors have the same print quality to a lower burden in relation to environment, health and safety. The prints are completely odorless and no special ventilation is required to meet the limits for occupational exposure. Conclusion: Great technology - good for the environment.

No chemical additives

The title is very "full-bodied". A more appropriate title would have been: "We use no chemical additives to create our printing plate. Your order will be exposed directly from the computer to the printing form, and (depending on the requirements and copies) will be transmitted directly to our digital press. We fear, however, that these "spaghetti-headline" would not animate you to read this article. Therefore, we made the headline short & concise. The expression "carbon neutral" is used very often. We don't want to print carbon neutral, no, we want to print environmentally neutral. The introduction of CTP (Computer to Plate) was an important step in our company's philosophy to move on. With the use of process-free plates, we have banned all water-polluting and chemical additives from prepress... and it gets even better: Our supplier Fuji supports "Water Aid" the next twelve months. Please contact us for more information.

Service Quality Germany

Beilngries is with a large number of certified companies the first bavarian Quality-City. We have also successfully participated in this initiative and have been certified. Service accomplish proximity to customers - and that's exactly what we want: We want to convince you with quality, performance and professionalism.

Recycling Paper

Environmental protection is very important to us. Therefore, we have changed our complete in-house demand for offset papers on 100% recycled paper. The paper is bright white and can be printed like any "ordinary" paper in standard laser or inkjet printers. Maybe you are interested? Do you want to protect our environment too? We love to send you an offer.