In the following you find a list of links. We don't know whether this list is helpful for you. But one thing is sure: A klick won't hurt. Here a shot notice: We support all the open-source software we use. The following links are:

Opensource, which we think is "great" an which we support – Companies, which manufacture "great" products – Software, which is "great" (in our opinion) – Institutions, which do "great" things.


XAMPP from Apachefriends is the best friend of any Webdeveloper. Webserver, PHP and MySQL for all platforms and operating systems.


Maxxon delivers the best and comprehensive Softwareproducts to create and edit 3D-Grafics and 3D-Animations.

 Print Cluster Bayern

The Printcluster Bavaria, which is supported by the bavarian government, gathers the needs, ideas and expectations of the bavarian Printingindustry and innovates solutions.


FileMaker, the most intuitive and capable Database-Software (in our opintion). We use FileMaker daily for us and our customers.

 Huber SE

WasteWater Solutions: Huber SE manufacture machines and equipment for the global market in order to make our water clean.


Joomla – the Content-Management-System for everyone – this site is generated with Joomla :-)) in addition to Typo3 our first choice.

 Nepalhilfe Beilngries

The Nepalhilfe Beilngries has achieved things which are beyond comparison. A few people founded a hospital, a orphanage, a nursing home and much more... Hats off!


Typo3 is in addition to Joomla another CMS-System which we often use. Typo3 is because of its individual adaptation and particular access level control a frequently-used CMS.